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We offer both low and high ropes challenge courses to test and grown each member of your team!  Low ropes for building critical thinking skills, self-evaluation, team work, trust and communication. High ropes for setting goals, challenging your body, facing fears and overcoming obstacles.  These activities are perfect for a wide variety of groups and individuals!

The High Elements, 30 feet or more from the ground, will challenge and encourage all age groups.  High ropes challenges will strengthen the participant in goal setting, physical strength, facing fears, and overcoming obstacles.  Safety is always our number one concern, and all our facilitators are professionally trained and hold ACCT Level 1 certifications .

Zipline & Climbing Tower Elements

- Cargo Net

- Vertical Playground

- Zip Line

Woods Course Elements

- Grapevine Traverse

- Pirates Crossing

- Leap of Faith

- Rock Wall/ Rappelling Wall


The low elements are eight feet or less off the ground. They encourage the use of balance, coordination, average strength, persistence, determination, reliance, and trust in teammates. These challenges require teamwork to complete successfully. These activities allow the facilitator to work with the group, to help them accomplish team objectives such as communication, cooperation, and trust, while having a positive experience in a safe environment.


Specific Challenges

- Spider Web

- Walking Cables

- Swinging and Balance Logs/Platform

- Activities using Boards, Ropes and Other Objects.


Assumption of Risk Form: 

You will need to fill out and turn in an Assumption of Risk and Medical Disclosure form to participate.

Download Here

Course Agreement Form:

Must be Completed to confirm your group’s date.

Download Here

Email or call 507.653.4700 to schedule your challenge event.

Ropes Course
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