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Make A Difference

Prairie River Camp would not be the same without the help of its volunteers. There are always volunteer needs and we would greatly appreciate your willingness to serve. Whether it is putting the amphitheater tarp up in the spring, taking it down in the fall, raking leaves, cleaning cabins, or folding brochures - we LOVE our volunteers!

We're looking for volunteers to help us with several important projects. Your help would be a HUGE blessing. We do ask that you contact us and make a reservation. Meals and overnight housing may be possible depending on the volunteer dates. Men, women, youth, groups, and families are welcome!

Summer Volunteers

Are you interested in volunteering with our summer camps? We have opportunities as Program Team, Kitchen Crew, and more! If you are interested please apply by following the link below.

Maintenance Projects.jpg

Maintenance & Work Days

Are you interested in helping Camp out with Maintenance needs? Call the Camp office at (507) 653-4700. Thanks for boosting this great work and stretching Camp's ministry dollars!

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