Release of Liability

By agreeing with this document, I am aware that participation in all activities, including the paintball course and the ropes and challenge course, involves certain physically and emotionally demanding elements. I understand that not all dangers and hazards (i.e. cuts, scrapes, bruises, fractures, debilitating injuries, fatalities, etc.) can be foreseen, even though the professional staff will make every reasonable effort to minimize exposure to known risks. I am further aware that these activities include certain risks and dangers that are beyond the control of Prairie River Camp. Prairie River Camp has the right to deny participation in any activities including the paintball course and ropes and challenge course activities. It is my responsibility to ask for clarity and/or assistance if at any time I do not understand specific instructions from the staff. This Release specifically covers claims caused in whole or in part by any U.S. national health crisis, epidemic, pandemic, or similar widespread outbreak of disease whether or not such is formally declared by the U.S. government, the Center for Disease Control or the World Health Organization. YFC reserves the right to follow recommended CDC guidelines related to such pandemic, outbreak or disease and as such may choose at any time to send a participant home if presenting signs of sickness.

In signing this document, I authorize activity leaders to secure medical advice and services as deemed
necessary for my health and safety. I agree to accept financial responsibility in situations involving my health, safety, and well being. Situations include: in the case that medical advice has required further services; where all reasonable attempts to contact family have failed or where the emergency situation does not allow time to make contacts; and in the event that the benefits of my provincial health insurance plan have been exhausted and additional loss of income and/or medical expenses are incurred.

I understand and assume all dangers and risks associated with all activities including the paintball course and the ropes challenge course and hereby release Prairie River Camp staff and assigns, its officers/board members, employees, volunteers, agents and their heirs, and executors from liability for any personal injury, property damage or other incidents that should occur due to my voluntary participation in all activities including the paintball course and the ropes and challenge course activities. I further consent to the instructors, staff, or other medical personnel to treat me in a medical situation. I release Prairie River Camp from responsibility for any damage to or loss of personal property. I also give my consent for any photographs taken of me while participating in Prairie River Camp activities to be used in the proper interest of Prairie River Camp. I agree to receive updates via postal mail and/or electronic mail concerning this camp or events and future opportunities at Prairie River Camp. By signing this document, I intend to bind my successors, heirs, representatives, administrators, and assigns to the contents of this document.

General Info Regarding High Blood Pressure— Because of the physical and emotional demands involved in participating in ropes course activities, participants with heart problems and/or high blood pressure are at risk. Heart
attacks and fatalities have occurred in situations with individuals having pre-existing heart/high blood pressure  conditions who have participated in ropes course activities. Prairie River Camp cannot guarantee your physical safety should you participate.

General Info Regarding Pregnancy— Participation in ropes course activities often involves lifting, unexpected physical contact, potential falling, and waist harness usage.  You will put yourself and your unborn child at risk by participating.  Prairie River Camp cannot guarantee the safety of you or your unborn child if you participate.  If you are pregnant and choose to participate, Prairie River Camp requests a written physician’s approval.

General Info Regarding Kidney Transplant patients— Participation in high ropes course activities involves wearing a waist harness.  This can be damaging to the kidneys of transplant patients. You will put yourself at risk by participating.  Prairie River Camp cannot guarantee your safety should you decide to participate.  If you choose to participate, Prairie River Camp requests that you obtain written physician’s approval.


If you agree with the above statement, please download and complete the following forms: